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Hurricane-Impact Wood Doors

Custom Decorative Wood Entryways & Windows
Hurricane Door subject to intense water jets during the water testing phase

All of our stock and custom doors can be manufactured as a hurricane door without losing any of the beauty of the unit!

Signature Door is certified with fixed window sizes up to 4' w x 8' h

Double doors up to 8’ wide and 10’ high. Side-lights up to 4’ wide and transoms up to 8’ in height.


Florida State Approved

Our entry systems were tested and approved at HTL Inc. in Florida at a design pressure up to +65/-80 and can be installed up to 30' in the air or higher at slightly reduced design pressures.

All our decorative doors and windows can be made as Hurricane Doors without any change of appearance. Remember, no additional hurricane protection systems are needed with our hurricane doors! Just buy and install and you will be in compliance with the Florida building codes even in the highest wind areas of the state.

Great For Security!

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Our Wood Hurricane Doors feature a five-point one touch operating system for beauty and security along with ease of operation. Not difficult to reach, manual shoot bolts at the top and bottom of the unit!

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Even if you don't live in a hurricane prone area you can add hurricane glass to any of our decorative units as a great theft deterrant. It is nearly impossible to beat through our hurricane glass. Adding this feature along with our 3&5 point locking system adds another dimension to home security.

We also manufacture decorative laminated glass as a cost efficient way of combining Beauty, Security and UV Resistance.

Florida State Approvals
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8' Inswing Doors NOA

No. 15001.1

8' Outswing Doors NOA

No. 15001.2

10' Inswing Doors NOA

No. 17222.1

10' Outswing Doors NOA

No. 17222.2
Fixed Window NOA
No. 15002

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