Every Signature Door shipped from the factory comes equipped with an information packet for your records. This information packet contains the warranty, maintenance info, and other documents pertaining to your new Signature entryway. If you happen to misplace your documentation, however, or would prefer to download a digital copy, all documentation can be accessed easily from here on our website.


Below you will find our current warranty forms. If your product was purchased prior to the effective date listed for these warranties, please contact us at (800) 741-2265 and press 2 for technical assistance. All prior warranties are archived.


Below you will find documentation pertaining to the maintenance of our product (if required). Maintenance necessity and frequency is contingent upon level of weather exposure. SureDoor-constructed products do not require topcoat maintenance (see warranty above).

Installation Instructions

Below you will find documentation pertaining to the installation of our product. Please note, installation of Signature Door Inc. products should be performed by a professional, and is not recommended to be undertaken by a homeowner. Proper installation is crucial to the operational and security (locking) abilities of your entryway.